Elysium Interview: Sharlto Copley on Playing a Villain

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Sharlto Copley was quite the breakout character in Neill Blomkamp’s groundbreaking film District 9. Both South African, they have bonded tightly since first meeting before that surprise 2009 film that not only was a hit, but earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination. So, as Copley tells us and iamROGUE.com in our Comic-Con video interview to talk their latest collaboration Elysium, it was at the 2010 BAFTAs that the actor practically begged his friend to be in the new film, regardless of the part.

The fact that Copley is playing the film’s villain to the Matt Damon Elysium hero, is even more of a joy. The character is way out of the comfort zone and he relished the chance to not only re-team with his friend, but also to expand his acting toolbox to portray pure evil. The South African actor also extols the virtues of Damon, someone he found "profoundly committed to the craft."

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