Katy Perry Part of Me Movie Review: Quite a Firework

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The first thing one should know about the Katy Perry: Part of Me movie is that the superstar does not shy away from anything. Her whirlwind romance/divorce to Russell Brand? It’s in the picture. Her past as an evangelical preacher’s daughter… also featured front and center. What else fills her flick is what an inspirational story she possesses and an incredible gift for writing perfect pop songs.

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Perry may seem like someone who shot to the top of the charts with I Kissed a Girl almost overnight. But, as teased in the Katy Perry: Part of Me trailer, it was a long, tiring effort that almost saw the Billboard chart record holder toil in obscurity. It was only through sticking to her guns and remaining true to herself that success followed. And when it happened, it exploded… like a Firework!

Throughout Part of Me, audiences are introduced to not only astoundingly shot concert performances of the songstress’ biggest hits including Hot and Cold, Last Friday Night, California Gurls and Extraterrestrial, but also the people who have made her who she has become.

Grandma, mom and dad all add their own two cents. The scene where Perry visits her grandma in Las Vegas is especially touching, particularly when the camera pans down to the Perry matriarch’s coffee table filled with magazines… all with her granddaughter on the cover.

She should be proud. In the short couple of years since she broke big, she has set the record for most number one songs off of a single album. Who did she surpass? Only the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Perry’s parents are an interesting couple. The devout Christians never fully got in the way of Perry pursuing her dreams, but their comfort level with some of her hits is made abundantly clear (ironically her first hit and its lesbian overtones is what made her a star and had her parents most worried!). They do adore Firework and its message of positivity, as her mom is seen dancing up a storm when Perry performs the song live.
Katy Perry Part of Me

Seeing clips of the singer as she first went after a singing career when her songs were all about extolling Christian values is fascinating. But, it was only when she moved to Los Angeles to become a pop star that the real artistry inside Perry rose to the top… and so did her star. Of particular interest is a video shot of the singer at 18 years old when she first arrived in L.A. It is insightful and powerful.

As a film, Part of Me works on so many levels. As stated previously, it is a visual marvel. Perry’s world, in its pinks, reds and blues, is a confection-filled treat for the eyes, especially in 3D. What else is striking is how the singer has resonated with young girls. Her concerts are filled with moms and daughters dancing to the delightful soundtrack of Perry’s pop music mastery. It is fantastic to see such a positive role model for so many living her dreams.

The most astounding aspect of Katy Perry: Part of Me is that when the credits are rolling, the audience leaves with this undeniable feeling that the singer is just getting started.


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