Killer Joe Exclusive: Emile Hirsch Talks Texas Tale

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Emile Hirsch is on the cusp of greatness. He has starred for some of Hollywood’s most gifted filmmakers. Hirsch went the extra mile for Sean Penn for Into the Wild, Gus Van Sant in Milk, the Wachowski brothers in Speed Racer, Ang Lee for Taking Woodstock, Oliver Stone in Savages and now William Friedkin in Killer Joe opposite Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey

“I’m super lucky and privileged to work with all these great directors,” Hirsch said in our exclusive video interview. “It’s given me a real respect for filmmaking.”

Hirsch, fresh from signing on to star opposite Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch in Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor, also tells us why his Killer Joe role reminds him of an iconic Shakespeare character. “There’s something Hamlet-like about him,” Hirsch said. “He can’t seem to make up his mind.”

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