Ruby Sparks Video Exclusive: Paul Dano Talks Love & Art

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In Ruby Sparks, Paul Dano plays a writer whose first novel was a blockbuster hit. Now, he has writer's block that he believes is caused by the gaping hole in his love life. What’s a guy to do? Why not write a book where the central character is the woman of his dreams? What then does one do if the subject of that literary effort, Ruby Sparks, comes to life?

Dano met with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview and tells us what it was like on the inside to experience Ruby Sparks from original idea to full-fledged film, courtesy of his real life girlfriend -- the film’s writer and his co-star, Zoe Kazan.

"I saw the script really early and I was already intrigued and curious," Dano said. "I said to Zoe, 'Are you writing this for us?' And she said, 'Yeah!' And the rest was history."

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