Superhero Movies: Which Film is Best?

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The Dark Knight Rises has landed. After following up The Dark Knight -- one of the best of the genre -- we wondered who else would reside on that list of the most super of superhero movies. Could it be Superman? Perhaps, it's Iron Man or The Avengers?

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in The Avengers

The Dark Knight has to be one of the toughest films for a director to follow up, much less close out his trilogy. Yet, as we describe in our The Dark Knight Rises review, Christopher Nolan achieves greatness in his final foray into Gotham. We’ll conduct a poll after the film lands to see what you all think of it and where it places in the superhero film landscape, but for now… riddle me this, Batman:

Which superhero movie is the best of all-time?

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