The Inbetweeners Movie to Hit American Shores: An American Remake in the Works

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Ok, so this is a bit confusing. It started as a smash hit TV show in the UK. Then, it was adapted to a smash hit film in the UK. Then, they decided to release it in America. Now, The Inbetweeners will be remade into a (smash hit?) American movie.

The Inbetweeners followed the exploits of four friends, Will, Simon, Neil, and Jay, as they transition from teenagers into adulthood. The movie takes the boys on vacation to Greece in search of sex. The Inbetweeners Movie came out in Britain last year, and will hit American shores on September 7. Check out the slightly NSFW red band trailer below.

The film has been compared to the teen comedy classic American Pie, and the American version will hope to capitalize on that likeness. Series co-creator Iain Morris will write and direct the new film, which may possibly get a name change. I wonder if the American version will be set in Greece, or in an exotic locale a little "closer to home" (Cancun comes immediately to mind). Where would you set the new Inbetweeners?

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