Total Recall Clip Drops: How Did He Get Activated?

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Apparently in the future, in order to stop talking to someone over video chat, the other person has to take their hand off the screen. Talk about a dystopia!

Check out this new clip from the film that takes place in that horrible, horrible dystopian can't-hang-up-until-the-other-person-does future, Total Recall:

We are seeing more and more of Kate Beckinsale's cold-hearted character Lori, who pretends to be Doug Quaid's wife until he discovers his hidden past, at which point she reveals that she is a secret agent. Colin Farrell plays Quaid, with Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy, and John Cho also starring.

Total Recall hits theaters July 3. If this clip wasn't enough for you and you can't wait until then, we've got some Total Recall trailers for you to watch on repeat.

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