Total Recall Exclusive: Kate Beckinsale on Being Bad

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Kate Beckinsale is used to being in fighting shape for films. What challenged her about her badass character in Total Recall was that she only had four days after Underworld: Awakening wrapped before heading to Toronto to film Total Recall.

The actress told us in our exclusive video interview that “normally you have a two to three month period where you’re doing things that psychologically prepare you. That was the big challenge in this movie... that I was flying by the seat of my pants."

Beckinsale plays Colin Farrell’s wife, who is really a government agent assigned to keep the mind-erased man in line. When he visits a Rekall center, all hell breaks loose and Beckinsale turns ghastly evil in her effort to bring in Farrell’s Douglas Quaid… or is he Hauser, a rebel leader?

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