Trouble With the Curve First Images: Clint Eastwood as a Baseball Scout

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Baseball scouting has been the subject of some of the best Albert Brooks/Brendan Fraser comedies of all time: The Scout, The Baseball Star Finding Guy, Project Young Skilled Athlete 2: Rise of the Guy Who Could Be Good at Baseball in 3 or 4 Years. Okay, only one of those is real (guess which one!).

Now Clint Eastwood will play a scout in the upcoming baseball drama, Trouble With the Curve. It will be the first time Eastwood has acted in a film he didn't also direct in over twenty years. Exciting! Check out two stills from the film, courtesy of

Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood in Trouble with the Curve
Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake in Trouble with the Curve

Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams also star, along with Matthew Lillard and John Goodman. Adams is set to star in the upcoming The Master, with Goodman appearing in Argo, which premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Trouble with the Curve follows Eastwood as an aging scout who brings his daughter (Adams) on his final scouting assignment to check out a new prospect. No word on who exactly the "prospect" in question is, but we're assuming it's Timberlake, who, as a 31-year-old, would actually be at least halfway through his baseball career in real life.

The film hits theaters September 28.

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