Weekend Movie Preview: July 27, 2012

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Three new films hit theaters this final weekend in July, hoping to triumph over a superhero in his second week of release. Ben Stiller joins forces with Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill to take part in The Watch, while the Step Up gang is fostering a Step Up Revolution, And lastly, Matthew McConaughey turns dark in the Texas thriller Killer Joe.

The Watch: A trio of comedy stars, Stiller, Vaughn and Hill, are joined by the U.K.’s talented Richard Ayoade in a story that is more about an alien invasion than the neighborhood watch moniker the film used to have before headlines forced its name change. As we state in our The Watch review, the stars alone are worth checking out the film, even if the plot is muddled and slow.

Step Up Revolution: Like The Watch should be seen for its comic genius leads, the latest Step Up film is a must-see for people who treasure dance that pushes the envelope. The Miami-set action finds a flash mob dance ensemble creating mass spectacles in order to stop a developer from leveling a South Florida neighborhood. Our Step Up Revolution review delves further.

Killer Joe: The entire cast shines in William Friedkin’s return to the cinema. The director casts a spell that is so ripe with things that are so wrong, and that it is exactly the reason why this film is so right. McConaughey is a lawman, who is also a for-hire killer. When a trailer park family employs his services, as explored in our Killer Joe review, disaster and brilliance emerge.

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