Wreck-It Ralph Olympic Promo: Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer on Dreaming Big

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...Is there some sort of Olympics happening right now? I wouldn't know it from the complete lack of Olympic-themed movie promos coming out today.

Oh, crazy, speak of the devil. Here's one now. Check out this new Wreck-It Ralph Olympic spot featuring Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer:

Despite my attempts at sarcasm up above, there have been some Olympic-themed promos coming out lately, with two ParaNorman Olympic spots dropping earlier today.

Wreck-It Ralph stars the aforementioned Lynch and McBrayer, along with John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Mindy Kaling, and Alan Tudyk (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). It follows a classic video game villain who decides to leave his game and seek a new life.

The new Disney animation premieres November 2. For more, check out the Wreck-It Ralph trailer.

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