Ashley Greene on The Apparition, Life After Breaking Dawn

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Ashley Greene is moving past the Twilight Saga and one of her first carry-a-film-on-her-shoulders roles is in The Apparition. The horror movie finds Greene’s Kelly moving into her parent’s “investment home” with her boyfriend Ben (Sebastian Stan). Almost immediately it becomes clear that something is not quite right about their new abode.

Ashley Greene The Apparition

When it comes to leaving the Cullen family behind with the arrival of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November, Greene admits it’s going to be difficult, but she is ever positive about the future.

“It’s going to be hard. At the premiere it’s really going to hit us and impact us. Comic-Con was the first event where I realized it was the beginning of the end. It’s crazy. It has been such a huge part of my life and my career… it started my career! You do get comfortable and you do get to be a family with these people. It’s weird knowing we’re not going back to that,” Greene said.

“I like to be positive. One, at least I have it on DVD forever. And two, it’s afforded me a lot of opportunity. I just want to keep moving forward and jump at those opportunities, rather than be that sad about the past."

One of those career chances is her headlining part in The Apparition. The film is inspired by a 1970s experiment where a group of paranormal researchers attempted to summon a spirit that they created solely in their mind. When the experience became too scary, they abandoned the effort.

Filmmaker Todd Lincoln wondered what would happen if someone in modern times recreated the experiment and things went horribly wrong. Although she leapt at the chance to delve into the horror genre, Greene tells us exclusively that she cannot put her finger on why we adore being scared silly.

“It doesn’t make sense why we as a people like to be terrified. I know why we as tortured artists like them,” Greene said.

Although she reported going through a horror phase herself, things have changed. “I used to love horror movies as a kid. Now that I live alone, I kind of shy away from them,” she said and laughed. “It became more real as I got older!”

Greene has a reputation for being a meticulous actress when it comes to being prepared. The Apparition writer-director Todd Lincoln told us, “When I got to set, Ashley had notes all over her script. Mine was practically blank. I felt unprepared and it was my movie!”

The actress admitted that is just how she rolls.

“I’m a huge believer in prep work. Once you get there, things get a little crazy and you’re working 16-hour days and you’re exhausted. There’s no time to sit back and do that. I think it’s important, for me, to put out what I want to accomplish and be able to sit down with the director and say, ‘This is what I got.’ And make sure we’re on the same page,” Greene said.

“Before I start, I hole up and read and read and read. And take lots of notes.”

Greene was astoundingly impressed with her The Apparition director. Sometimes when a helmer has also penned the script, it’s not always so easy.

“It’s great because he knew it backwards and forwards. But, it can go one of two ways -- sometimes people are very precious about their script and what they’re shooting,” Greene said.

“Then you get someone like Todd, who obviously put a lot of time and detail into it. He was very open to working with us to make it the best it could be. He wanted this to elevate the horror genre.”

Ashley Greene Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton in The Apparition

Greene shared billing on the film with two rising young actors as seen in The Apparition trailer: Stan and Harry Potter’s Tom Felton. She found each a joy, but an inspiration in very different ways.

“Sebastian and I gave and took a lot from each other. Sometimes people don’t want to hear your idea,” she said. “Luckily we had great chemistry.”

As for Felton, the man who starred in the most popular movie franchise of all time, Greene wasn’t sure what to expect. Sometimes those performers aren’t the easiest to work alongside.

“One of the things that struck me about Tom is that he proves that just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk,” she said and laughed. “That’s what struck me. He’s very tranquil and has a positive energy around him.”

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