Celeste and Jesse Forever Exclusive: Andy Samberg on Stepping Out

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Andy Samberg has left the Saturday Night Live building permanently and one of his first roles is starring opposite his good friend in Celeste and Jesse Forever. As the film’s co-writer and Samberg’s co-star told us in our Rashida Jones exclusive interview, “I got to watch him in real time be incredible and a total natural at something that he’s never been given the opportunity to do before.”

That is exactly why Samberg chose to star in the film -- a chance to spread his wings as an actor and play more to the dramatic, while still employing comedy.

“I didn’t know what to expect going in from myself ‘cause I hadn’t really done it before,” Samberg admitted. His chemistry with Jones is evident, even from the Celeste and Jesse Forever poster. “It was good circumstances for it. I’m good friends with Rashida who guided me through the process.”

Check out our exclusive video with Samberg above, where we even discuss the finer points of the hell that is putting together Ikea furniture.

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