The Bourne Legacy: Rachel Weisz & Edward Norton on Action and Intrigue

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Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton are joining a franchise in The Bourne Legacy that is taking a bit of a new direction with its lead now, Jeremy Renner. The duo met Movie Fanatic recently and shared the excitement of continuing the Bourne legacy that had been so successfully done by Matt Damon.

Rachel Weisz Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy

For one, Weisz had never done action (what are the top 10 action series of all time?) like the sequences she endures in The Bourne Legacy. She appreciated that she is not seen as an action heroine in the film, but as someone thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

“What I really like about the tone of the Bourne films is that it is really realistic. I’m playing a scientist who is a normal person. I’m not physically gifted in any way. She is really scared and really terrified yet she gets to kick ass a little bit. I’m not a superhero,” Weisz said.

Then there’s that motorcycle chase scene in Manila that truly had Weisz having her fate firmly in the hands of Renner.

“It was terrifying. Actually Jeremy told me today, because he was very sweet and never told me in Manila, that it was the scariest stunt for him because he was responsible for my life, which he was. He didn’t tell me that in Manila -- thank God. I just had to surrender and I had to hold on.”

Norton appreciated how Tony Gilroy (screenwriter, director) had crafted a film where the lines between good and bad are honestly quite grey.

“Tony’s approach to this film is more interesting to me than the typical trafficking in villains and heroes. I think a lot of what we see going on in the world every day makes us a little uncomfortable with what’s being done in our name and under our banner,” Norton said.
Edward Norton in The Bourne Legacy

“Is our security worth the compromise of our values and at what level? That’s the question. I enjoy the idea of those paradoxes and those rationalizations hanging out there for people to sit with and decide how they feel about this guy.”

Once Weisz saw the film, she was drawn to the parts of the movie other than hers. "I love seeing the scenes that I wasn’t in. So the scene up the mountain that Oscar, Isaac and Jeremy are in, where they find each other in that cabin at the beginning of the film, the sequence with the wolf -- I thought that was wonderful, very exciting," she said.

"I’m very proud of it. I think it seems very naturalistic and truthful and exciting and sexy."

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