Weekend Movie Preview: August 31, 2012

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The summer movie season is officially over (check out our Top 10 Summer Movies) as this final weekend of August finds three new films hitting theaters. The horror genre gets a burst of new energy with The Possession.

Lawless tells the true story of 1930s Appalachian bootleggers who outsmarted the government and big city gangsters. Then, the romantic comedy gets a makeover as For a Good Time, Call uses the format to showcase a budding friendship between two women.

Lawless: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce star in the true tale of three brothers who took on the mob and the government and ran one of the most successful moonshine businesses in history. As stated in our Lawless review, the Oscar season has arrived early with this stellar flick.

The Possession: Usually possession movies have a priest at the heart of the exorcism. Not so in this flick, as the demon possessing the young girl is from Judaic history and a Hasidic rabbi (a stellar Matisyahu) holds the key to freeing the girl from what is consuming her. Don’t miss our The Possession review for more.

For a Good Time, Call: A wildly original idea that mostly gets it right, the film follows two female friends through the romantic comedy prism of finding each other, budding friendship, conflict and resolution. Our For a Good Time, Call review delves deeper.  

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Lawless Quotes

Jack: That's two thousand dollars, minus my commission.
Forrest: Look at you, swanning around like you're Al Capone.

Special Agent Rakes: My name is Charlie Rakes. I'm from Chicago.
Forrest: Pete, who the hell is this son of a bitch?
Special Agent Rakes: Me? I'm the one who's going to make your life real difficult from now on if you don't tow the line, country boy.
Forest: Don't you ever touch me again.

Lawless Review

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) normally ushers in the award season that culminates in the Oscars. One movie that Movie...

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