Annie Hall vs. Groundhog Day: Round 2 of Tournament of Movie Fanatic Comedy Bracket

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The first round is over and eight films remain in the race to be crowned the best comedy movie of all time! Yesterday's matchup of Anchorman vs. Hot Fuzz has been decided, and the cult comedy Hot Fuzz has beat out the popular hit Anchorman with 62% of the vote.

The final eight films are: Annie Hall, Groundhog Day, The Big Lebowski, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Airplane!, Rushmore, Swingers, and Hot Fuzz. Today's second-round matchup is between Annie Hall and Groundhog Day. Scroll down to read our cases on why these movies deserve to win, and cast your vote! Then check out an updated bracket below.

Annie Hall Poster
Groundhog Day Poster

Annie Hall: Woody Allen's most cinematic comedy (or is it his funniest good film?) beat out The Jerk by a hair to move on to round two. Allen's brand of nervous, New York intellectual comedy reached its pinnacle with the sweet and side-splitting Annie Hall, with Diane Keaton's marvelous performance thrusting her into "America's Sweetheart" territory. Visit our Annie Hall quotes page for more.


Groundhog Day: This Bill Murray classic went up against a very tough first-round competitor in This is Spinal Tap, and crushed it with 76% of the vote. Are you ready to relive Groundhog Day all the way to the finals? Visit our Groundhog Day quotes page for more.

Which comedy movie should move on to the semi-finals?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Annie Hall

Groundhog Day

Total Votes: 131

Movie Fanatic Comedy Bracket Round 2

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