Boris Kodjoe Interview: On Resident Evil & Arthur Ashe Movie

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Boris Kodjoe is back as Luther in Resident Evil: Retribution and is sitting with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview to tell us what he thinks is the franchise's secret to success.

“It’s a phenomenon,” he said. “Usually franchises start out really hot and sort of die down. We’re catching speed and it’s a global phenomenon, people from Asia to South America love this franchise. I think it’s that they’re hot chicks and guys kicking ass!”

Kodjoe also is quite a tennis player, and was at one time one of the best in the country -- earning a full scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992. He and I talk about the lack of good tennis films that Hollywood has produced. “It’s terrible,” Kodjoe said.

He hopes that a certain legend that he idolized has his life story come to the big screen. “I’m a huge fan of Arthur Ashe. He’s one of my heroes. There’s a script that is circulating that needs to be investigated. There are a lot of people that are tennis fans. There are a lot of tennis fans in Hollywood, David Fincher being one.”

Are you listening Hollywood? Kodjoe as Ashe! Make it happen…

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