End of Watch: Michael Pena Shares Favorite Cop Movie

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Michael Pena took a little time off to raise his first child a couple of years ago, although he feared that Hollywood would forget him. They have not. Beginning with his “comeback” with Battle: Los Angeles through Lincoln Lawyer, Tower Heist and his scene-stealing turn in 30 Minutes or Less -- he has been quite busy. Now, Pena has two new films coming, both with LA as their setting: End of Watch (co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal, opening September 21) and Gangster Squad, due next year.

Movie Fanatic caught up with Pena in Toronto where End of Watch was premiering and he gave us insight into why he stepped away from the spotlight as well as dishing his favorite cop movies of all time. “The reason I went away was that I went off to do a movie and two weeks later I came back and my son was walking. Oh, man, I wasn’t there. That year with my son was awesome,” Pena recalled. Now, he’s back with a vengeance. “Yeah, I’m fully taking advantage of it.”

And as far as those movies about cops that Hollywood got right... let’s just say his list starts with a classic in Serpico. Judging by our exclusive End of Watch trailer, Pena's latest film will soon be joining that legendary police flick in the annals of Tinseltown's best cop movies.

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