House at the End of the Street: Should Jennifer Lawrence Be Scared?

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Is The House at the End of the Street worth a visit? The Movie Fanatic review states that it's a little complicated. Jennifer Lawrence made the film long before she donned Katniss’ bow and arrow in The Hunger Games, but what is clear is the natural talent the actress possesses. She even uplifts material, and such is the case with the new horror film in which she stars.

Max Thieriot and Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street

Lawrence is a high school teen who moves from the big city with her mom (Elizabeth Shue) to a woodsy, suburban neighborhood in order to start anew. As established in the film’s first moments, there was some kind of murder next door where a little girl killed her parents with a pair of scissors -- nothing anyone should worry about as a new inhabitant of a nearby abode.

Mother and daughter are told by their real estate agent that no one lives in the house… at the end of the street.

On their first night, a light turns on in the upstairs area of the titular home. Turns out the son of the tragic family was living in another city at the time of the murder and he now makes the place his home. That’s kind of a serious thing to leave out, yet in The House at the End of the Street that fact warrants a passive “sorry” from those responsible to inform.

Shue and Lawrence manage to settle in and the teenager is encouraged to socialize with her new classmates. When a party gets out of hand, she leaves and is given a ride home from Ryan, aka him! Instead of fearful, Lawrence’s Elissa is fascinated.

Given what was shown in our The House at the End of the Street clips, audiences should be thinking of the movie as a horror flick. That is so not the case. Yes, it’s scary in parts, but this is more of a creepy kid next door movie than an all-out terror fest.

And in that vein, there are many aspects of the film that work and that largely has to due with the performance put on by leads Max Thieriot and Lawrence. They are compelling as tortured souls, desperately yearning for each other while forces beyond them try to keep them apart.

Max Thieriot in House at the End of the Street

The actress shows why, even at a slightly younger age, people with power recognized a talent. Meanwhile, Thieriot rides an emotional roller coaster that essentially should place him as the star of the film.

Those looking for a Halloween scare may get it with The House at the End of the Street. But, it is not how you would expect it.


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