Looper: Emily Blunt Talks Time Travel Thriller

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Emily Blunt met us at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about her new sci-fi thriller, Looper, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. The Inception star portrays a younger version of Bruce Willis. The young actor is a Looper, a gun-for-hire in the present who works for the mob. The gangsters use time travel in the future to send back people they want killed. Seems that murder is almost impossible to get away with in the future.

As excited as she is to chat Looper, Movie Fanatic could tell she was a little jealous of her husband, John Krasinski, for his ability to be a supportive husband in spirit while hitting the town and taking in a half-dozen movies while she did interviews. “The lucky bastard,” Blunt said and laughed.

Blunt talks about what it was like to have a front row seat to the new filmmaker-star tandem that recalls another successful pairing: Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. Looper writer-director Rian Johnson and Gordon Levitt are now on their second film together after the riveting Brick.

“They genuinely are very close. They're completely similar in how courageous they are in thinking outside the box,” Blunt said. “Chemistry is something you can’t explain and it just works with them.”

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