Milla Jovovich Talks Her Resident Evil Retribution Rebel

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Milla Jovovich is ready for battle once again as Alice as Resident Evil: Retribution storms into theaters. The actress -- who has appeared in all five of the films partnering with her director husband Paul W.S. Anderson -- talks exclusively to Movie Fanatic.

When the series debuted in 2002, could its premise of an evil super-corporation of the future ever have foreseen the reflection of that public corporate fear in a movie-going public that we see today? Jovovich answers with a plea! "All I hope is that we didn't help any of it. Hopefully we weren’t the catalyst,” she said and erupted in laughter.

In the end, she hopes viewers have simply enjoyed themselves through Alice’s electric adventures. “I want them to have a good time. These movies are made for people to escape.”

In the films, the Umbrella Corporation has practically wiped out the human race with a virus that turns anyone infected into a blood-thirsty zombie. The fifth in the video-game-to-silver-screen series is as big and bad as any previous and scores a 3D coup with a storyline that merits the visual wizardry (more in our upcoming review). Simply seeing the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer, and fans have to hope that the Jovovich-Anderson filmmaking tandem has no plans of slowing down creating their zombie-fied world.

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