Rushmore vs. Blazing Saddles: Tournament of Movie Fanatic Comedy Bracket

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On Monday we began our Tournament of Movie Fanatic Comedy Bracket with two exciting matchups: Annie Hall vs. The Jerk and The Big Lebowski vs. High Fidelity. Today, we're switching to a new matchup every weekday! But first, let's announce Monday's winners:

With 66.3% of the vote, The Big Lebowski topped High Fidelity to move on to round two. With 55.9% of the vote, Annie Hall bested The Jerk and will continue on for a chance to be crowned the Comedy Champion. Vote for today's matchup: Rushmore vs. Blazing Saddles! Then, scroll down to take a look at the updated bracket!

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Rushmore: What could be funnier than watching a pubescent Jason Schwartzman with abundant unearned confidence fail miserably at every social undertaking? Almost nothing. Wes Anderson's career began with quirky, intelligent comedies, and it has slowly trickled into the realm of sentimental dramedy. Rushmore was without a doubt the pinnacle of his comedy. A delightful, immensely quotable romp with a bratty teenaged antihero as its protagonist, Rushmore not only launched Schwartzman's career, it redefined Bill Murray's, and introduced the world to Anderson's unique and oft-imitated directorial style. Visit our Rushmore quotes page for more.


Blazing Saddles: Mel Brooks has many comedies that deserve to be considered the best of all time, but few are as whip smart as Blazing Saddles. The film debuted in 1974 to a nation still struggling with equality and leave it to Brooks to tackle racism head on with his story of a black sheriff in the old west who is as formidable a foe as any lawless gunslinger had ever met. Usual Brooks stars Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn are also featured. Brooks even plays two roles, Governor William J. Lepetomane and the Indian Chief, of all things! The film deserves to be considered the funniest of all time because of its ability to mesh social consciousness with all out slapstick comedy that is as sharp as a knife. Visit our Blazing Saddles quotes page for more.

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Blazing Saddles

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