Trouble with the Curve: Justin Timberlake on Living With a Legend

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Besides being a fan of baseball, Justin Timberlake had two huge reasons to commit to appearing in Trouble with the Curve. Both were his co-stars: Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood Justin Timberlake Trouble with the Curve

“I don't know that there's a descriptive if you told me a year before that I was going to get to sit at a bar and drink scotch and trade bunts with Mr. Eastwood. I would've laughed at you and then I would've probably cried because I would've felt like I jinxed an opportunity,” Timberlake told Movie Fanatic.

After starring in several films in a row, In Time and Friends with Benefits, Timberlake could be demanding leading man roles. But, the chance to support the great Clint Eastwood was a life-achievement-type moment for the sometimes singer.

“Playing a supporting role, the nature of shooting that -- you're in and out -- there was such a constant good feeling any time we were on set making the movie. My favorite part about working with Clint is that the days were really short,” Timberlake said and laughed. “Watching him as my example and to see someone who's had such an iconic career, but continue to be so excited to be there, so supportive of everyone else, and so collaborative, that's why the movie's great is because of his leading by that example.” 

If basking in the professional glow of working alongside a legend made Timberlake’s bucket list, the golf fanatic was beyond thrilled at spending days on end hitting the links with Eastwood.

“To have the experience of the golf, playing golf... I mean if you roll with Clint, you can get on Augusta, no problem,” Timberlake said and smiled broadly.

“You're hanging out with the coolest guy in the world! We just had a lot of fun.”

The actor was also drawn to the film’s overwhelming center, which is family. Sure, baseball is the landscape, but the heart and soul of the flick is Eastwood’s character Gus reconnecting with his daughter (Adams). Timberlake’s character Johnny is also a former pitcher who was scouted by Gus… and it appears the scout was more of a father figure for Timberlake than he ever had.

“A film like this, in my opinion, is really about a new family and what's good and bad about that,” Timberlake added.

The former N’ Synch leader also cherished the position of serving as Adams’ love interest, as seen in this Trouble with the Curve TV spot. It was another opportunity to grow as an actor by surrounding himself by such a talent. “Amy's crazy good in this craft. She's so skilled,” he said.

“It's an interesting thing… the triangle that is Clint's character, Amy's character and my character. Trouble with the Curve has a daughter that's longing for a relationship with her father and watches this guy come in who she's never even met and never heard of, have a better father-son relationship with her dad than she has a father-daughter relationship.”
Amy Adams Justin Timberlake Trouble with the Curve

But, if there is a thawing in the father-daughter relationship, it is due to the characterization of Timberlake as Johnny that truly makes it pop.

“I just thought the more you get to know Johnny, the more he is kind of the only person in the movie who's being completely honest about the situation,” he said. “He's kind of the olive branch between the two of them.”

We could not go without asking the million dollar question: Will we see a JT album anytime in the future?

“Like when cars are flying in the future?” he said and laughed. “I hope so. But, not anytime soon -- but hopefully yes. I would like to continue to do that.”

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