Weekend Movie Preview: September 14, 2012

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It may appear to be fall, but at the movies this weekend, it sure feels like summer blockbuster season is still upon us. There are only two real big nationwide releases, Resident Evil: Retribution and the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo. Two films land in limited release that will be going large in the coming weeks: The Master and Arbitrage. So, what should you see this weekend?

Resident Evil Retribution: Milla Jovovich is back as Alice in the fifth installment of the movie franchise she and husband/director Paul W.S. Anderson started in 2002. The latest edition finds Alice getting deeper into the Umbrella Corporation world and finding out more of their motivation for continuing the proliferation of the T-virus. Michelle Rodriguez returns to the series (we can’t tell you how!) in an adventure that fans of the videogame-to-big-screen feature will love, as we state in our Resident Evil: Retribution review.

Finding Nemo 3D: Pixar and Disney are bringing the 3D treatment to another one of their classics. What started with The Lion King and continued with Beauty and the Beast, now finds one of Pixar’s most beloved films landing on the big screen in full 3D restoration. If there was a film in the Pixar library that deserved to be presented in three dimensions, it’s Finding Nemo.

The Master: The Oscar race starts with the premiere of The Master in Toronto at their film fest. Movie Fanatic saw the flick and was underwhelmed, but blown away by the performances of the three leads, as we state in our The Master review. Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams rivet in the story of a mid-twentieth century cult-like leader with visions for the future that go against the grain of American society. Paul Thomas Anderson directs a film that is a stunner, but yet still doesn’t quite make its mark.

Arbitrage: Richard Gere deserves an Oscar nomination for his role as a Wall Street financier trying to keep his head above water as the financial crisis hits in 2008. The story is totally fiction, but it could not be more resonant. For audiences to get inside this world is a thrill, while still reminding us of the corrupt few that caused such a financial impact for so many. As we state in our Arbitrage review, this is one smart thriller.

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