Alex Cross: Matthew Fox Talks Villainy & World War Z

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Since Lost went off the air in 2010, Matthew Fox has been a busy actor. He's back on the big screen as Picasso, the most evil of villains in Alex Cross, to the hero played by Tyler Perry. Fox tells Movie Fanatic about the joy of cinematic evil in our exclusive video interview. "That saying that it's more fun to play villains than heroes has proven true for me," Fox said.

Fox also dishes how far to take the villainy without it becoming cartoony. "I wasn't interested in playing a villain that was chewing up scenery and over-the-top," Fox added. "I had this opportunity with Picasso where I wanted to base him in a reality of his own motivations that are very real and concrete."

The actor is also set to star in the upcoming page-to-screen effort World War Z. Oh boy, is it clear that Fox is thrilled for audiences to check out the zombie chronicle story based on the bestseller. "I absolutely love that book," Fox admitted and smiled broadly. Check out what else he had to say about the upcoming thriller starring Brad Pitt!

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