DVD Preview: Madagascar 3, That's My Boy & Moonrise Kingdom

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Four wildly different films land on DVD and Blu-Ray this week that promise something for everyone. There’s the Oscar-bait film, Moonrise Kingdom, the Adam Sandler brash comedy That’s My Boy, the animated hit Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and the horror found footage flick Chernobyl Diaries.

Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted: Chris Rock, Ben Stiller and the entire Central Park Zoo expatriates are back and this time they have gone from Africa to Europe and have never been closer to getting home. This time out the addition of Frances McDormand is a stellar treat as a French animal officer who is just so devilishly evil. Bonus features abound with the highlights being High Flying Fun -- Big Top Cast, and the Mad Music Mash-Up. Plus the deleted scenes are a don’t miss… especially the Melman Picks a Circus Act clip.

That’s My Boy: Sandler stars in his first R-rated comedy in years and the results are somewhat hilarious. The tagline says it all: The story of a child, and his son. Andy Samberg is the son that Sandler’s character had while still a young teenager to a teacher in a scandal that sent her to jail. Upon Samberg’s eighteenth birthday, he leaves his immature father behind. When Sandler’s character winds up on hard times, he looks up his successful son… and hilarity ensues. Highlights of the bonus features are (surprisingly) the gag reel and five deleted scenes. Three featurettes also take Sandler and Samberg fans deeper into the silliness, including Who Are All these People?, Greetings From Cape Cod and Classy Rick’s Bacon and Leggs.

Moonrise Kingdom: Wes Anderson’s triumphant return should get some Oscar love, hopefully a Best Picture nod. It was one of Movie Fanatic’s best of 2012 so far and now that it’s out on Blu-Ray and DVD, a whole new audience should discover this modern masterpiece.

Chernobyl Diaries: The creator of Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli, has crafted a new found footage horror experience. This time out he takes audiences to the far reaches of the former Soviet Union and an extreme tourist group of young men and women who want to visit the site of the worst nuclear disaster in human history. When their car leaves them stranded, they find out they are not alone. The Blu-Ray and DVD include an alternative ending that for those who enjoyed the theatrical version will provide an additional treat. Also a blast is the infomercial for the extreme tourism business one of the characters owns.

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