Halle Berry: Is Bond Role Her Best?

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Halle Berry and Tom Hanks lead an all-star cast in Cloud Atlas. Berry's latest features her in six roles that span time and, literally, space. With the Oscar winner doing the best work of her career of late, it's time to look back at her entire life on film and vote for your favorite Halle Berry movie.

Halle Berry Die Another Day

It's got to be a hard decision as the versatile actress has appeared across genres, time periods and has a character library that many performers should envy. So...

What's your favorite Halle Berry movie?

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry Picture

Halle Berry is a former fashion model and beauty queen gone successful actress.  The gorgeous actress got her big breakthrough in Spike Lee's Junge Fever.  Since then Halle Berry has continued to have an amazing career starring recently in the X-Men movies as Storm and as the Bond girl in Die Another Day.

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