John Dies at the End Trailer: It Be Opening Doors to Other Worlds

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John Dies at the End is a new dark comedy horror movie from Don Coscarelli, director of Bubba Ho Tep, which starred Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) as Elvis Presley in a nursing home.

This films is equally as high-concept. Based on the novel by David Wong, the film explores a drug called "Soy Sauce" that sends its users across dimensions. When an other-worldly invasion is discovered, two college dropouts must save humankind.

There have been a glut of movies about ordinary schlubs having to save the world of late, which frankly feels a tad foreboding. Take The Watch, or Edgar Wright's upcoming The World's End for example. Regardless, the comedy horror genre is one that frequently produces clever, high-concept, visually interesting work.

John Dies at the End stars Paul Giamatti (Cosmopolis), Chase Williamson, and Rob Mayes. It hits theaters January 25, 2013.

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