Pitch Perfect: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow Sing its Praises

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Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow nail the singing and dancing, as seen in these Pitch Perfect clips, and recently met with Movie Fanatic to take us inside their favorite moments of making the musical comedy. They also share the most embarrassing musical moments of their lives and give us the scoop on what are their go-to karaoke songs!

Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect

Movie Fanatic: Both of you guys started young singing and dancing as you do in Pitch Perfect. Do you have any musical horror stories?

Anna Kendrick: I forgot the lyrics to the Good Ship Lollipop when I was five at a dance recital and I decided to sit on stage and cry and then I went off stage. And that was scarring and that’s the end of that story [laughs].

Brittany Snow: I was in Pirates of Penzance and I had to wear this like really long big wig and I had to come across the stage, tip toeing and the wig fell off. The boy that I really liked was laughing at me and yea, I cried too. And then, I had to sing and so I couldn’t really sing.

Movie Fanatic: Between Glee and your film, it is reflecting an explosion in a cappella group interest. Where do you think that comes from?

Anna Kendrick: There’s a conspiracy -- a government conspiracy [laughs]. There are actually hidden messages in this movie.

Brittany Snow: She’s kidding.

Anna Kendrick: I’m not kidding.

Brittany Snow: She’s kidding. I think that people want to go to the movies and watch shows on TV that make them feel good. And music really does that. It gives a whole other element of connection and you get that feeling like you want to stand up and dance and sing. A cappella’s been around for a really long time, but I think it’s just time. People are discovering this and I’m grateful, because we get to sing and dance!

Movie Fanatic: What was your favorite song to perform in Pitch Perfect?

Anna Kendrick: No Diggity, because it’s the best song ever.

Brittany Snow: Yes. Probably No Diggity was definitely one of our favorites. Because it was a song that we all really wanted to get into and we liked and I loved that song from long ago. I was really jealous that Anna got to do the rap part [laughs].

Movie Fanatic: Favorite scene in Pitch Perfect and why?

Anna Kendrick: I think the scene where we’re all confessing stuff. It was one of the last days of the shoot and it was late. You get too relaxed. I think just sitting in a circle with these girls that I had gotten to know over three months, it was just like, "I can’t take you guys seriously."

Brittany Snow: For some reason, we kind of lost it in those scenes [laughs]. I think that’s the part when we realized that we all were really close friends, because we were just dying laughing all the time.

Movie Fanatic: Away from the spotlight, singing with friends… what are your go-to karaoke songs?

Brittany Snow: Mine are definitely -- no joke -- No Diggity and then Coolio’s Gangster’s Paradise.

Anna Kendrick: My one that I didn’t even know how I memorized it, but I did, is Ninety-Nine Problems. I know that song by heart.

Brittany Snow: You know, she also knows all the words backwards and forwards to Super Bass.
Brittany Snow Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick: It’s true. I’m really good at it.

Brittany Snow: Yes. Like she can do Super Bass like way fast and amazing, which is something that you might not think when you look at her.

Movie Fanatic: How would you have described your clique in school?

Anna Kendrick: I was in the super mean girl clique. I was really popular and tall and skinny. Seriously, I was in the drama geek clique, if that’s even considered a clique. I don’t know if that warrants a name, but yes, I hung out in the auditorium at lunch and stuff. And we were aggressively dorky.

Brittany Snow: I only went to one year of normal high school, so, I guess I wasn’t really in a clique and then I went to school the rest of the time on set, which was nice, because I wanted to get out of high school.

Anna Kendrick: So, you were like in the most exclusive clique of all? Your own clique!

Brittany Snow: I was in the clique of myself. We had a great time.

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