Psycho vs. Halloween: The Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket!

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The first round of the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket comes to an end today, as we present the final matchup of the round! All the polls are open for one more day, so click the links to vote for The Exorcist vs. 28 Days Later, The Shining vs. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing vs. The Sixth Sense, Scream vs. Friday the 13th, Rosemary's Baby vs. Misery, The Evil Dead vs. Poltergeist, and The Ring vs. American Psycho.

Today we bring you one of the most beloved horror movies of all time, and the movie whose name honors the very holiday we're doing this for: Psycho vs. Halloween. Scroll down to read about these films and cast your vote, then check out the update bracket below!

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Psycho: Considered one of the best films from one of the best directors of horror and thriller ever, Psycho shocked and terrified audiences, critics, and studios alike. Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins give knock-out performances as wayward traveler and psychotic hotel manager Marion Crane and Norman Bates. Full of iconic horror images, Psycho has spawned three sequels, a remake, and an upcoming movie following Alfred Hitchcock's making of the film, Hitchcock. Psycho reminds movie-goers even today about the disturbing depths of the human psyche, making it a truly terrifying film. Check out our Psycho quotes page for more.


Halloween: In 1978 audiences went on a journey with Michael Myers and experienced a horror film unlike any other. The click made a scream queen out of Jamie Lee Curtis -- much like her mother was before in Psycho. Poor Myers, a man who had been institutionalized since he was a child and instead of making his mental troubles better, that experience seems to have turned him into one of the most brutal psycho killers in screen history. The young man was put in an institution for killing his mother and 15 years later on the night before Halloween, Myers breaks out to cause more terror to the tiny hamlet of Haddonfield. Check out our Halloween quotes page for more.

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Psycho Quotes

Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.

Norman Bates

Dirty night.

Norman Bates