Sinister: Ethan Hawke Explores Horror

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When it comes to the horror genre, Ethan Hawke is kind of a newbie. But, there was something in the story behind the terror in Sinister that compelled him like a possessed being hauntingly walking towards its puppet master. “It was absolutely terrifying,” Hawke said in our exclusive video interview. "There’s something about it that is particularly terrifying in that it is oddly real."

As scarily shown in the Sinister red band trailer, the story follows Hawke's true crime writer as his wife, son and daughter settle in a new area while he researches his latest book. Before you can say "Boo," Hawke's author has his world turned upside down in the most skin-crawling of ways.

The Sinister star is not only new to the horror movie world, his taste in the scarier side of cinema tends to be more sci-fi and spooky. "That is one of my favorite genres," Hawke said. But, he does come up with some horror classics that will certainly be all over our Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket. "The first one that I remember making a huge impact on me was Alien."

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