Smashed: Mary Elizabeth Winstead on Getting Sober

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As was so brilliantly shown in the Smashed trailer, the movie has the power to change lives in its all-too-real portrayal of one woman’s struggle to get sober while her husband (Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul) resists. As inhabited by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the performance is a revelation.

Sure, it’s difficult to watch her hit rock bottom. But, in the hands of the actress who should be nominated for an Oscar for the performance, it is a joy to witness the journey. “Working on this film was life changing,” Winstead said. So was the chance to star opposite a recent Emmy winner in Paul. “He's always so open and emotionally available and as a person, he’s so sweet and kind. He’s just the best!”

Winstead sat down with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive interview to take us through her year, from The Thing to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to Smashed. “It used to be my ultimate goal to play vastly different characters. It’s still important, but ultimately, I just want to be a part of good films.”

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