The Shining vs. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket!

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Yesterday, we announced the first matchup of the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket: The Exorcist vs. 28 Days Later. Polling for that matchup, and all the rest, will remain open until the end of the round.

Today, we present the second matchup of the tournament: The Shining vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Scroll down to read about each film and cast your vote, then take a look at the updated bracket below!

The Shining Poster
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Poster

The Shining: When world-class director Stanley Kubrick adapts the most prolific horror author of all time, Stephen King, you know you're going to have something special. Add in an intense and terrifying performance by one of the best actors of our generation, Jack Nicholson, and there's really no stopping The Shining. The film benefits greatly from the isolating creepiness of Kubrick's directing style, classic one-liners like "Here's Johnny," and the terrifying imagery of the twins and the lady in 237. Check out our The Shining quotes page for more.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Think back to 1974, horror movies had mostly been monsters or psychos for decades prior. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre arrived and brought both in the form of Leatherface. The Tobe Hooper-directed picture terrified upon its arrival and still gives nightmares 38 years later. Five friends descend on a small Texas town to visit family and wind up the target of a chainsaw sporting psychopath and his creepy family. The film has been remade and sequels followed, but they cannot touch the initial impact the film had on audiences who entered the theater completely unaware of the horror they were about to witness. Check out our The Texas Chainsaw Massacre quotes page for more.

Which horror movie is better?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

The Shining

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Total Votes: 244

Horror Bracket Part 2

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Quotes

[to Leatherface] You... you damn fool! You ruined the door! Ain't he got no pride in his home?

Old Man

[referring to the Hitchhiker] I think we just picked up Dracula.