The Thing vs. The Sixth Sense: The Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket!

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The third matchup in the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Horror Bracket is here! Earlier this week, we announced the matchups of The Exorcist vs. 28 Days Later, and The Shining vs. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and those polls will stay open until the end of the round, so click the links to vote!

Today, we've got an exciting matchup between the 2nd seed The Thing, and 7th seed The Sixth Sense. Scroll down to read about each film and cast your vote, then take a look at the updated bracket below!

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The Thing: Although the John Carpenter-directed The Thing was a remake itself (of The Thing from Another World), his work proved that the 2011 remake of one of the best remakes ever was probably not such a good idea. When The Thing landed in 1982, it scared the living daylights out of horror fans and movie fans who took the scary plunge into Carpenter’s Antarctic world. A shape-shifting creature has taken over a remote science facility and winds up changing Kurt Russell and everyone else’s idea of what an Arctic adventure should be. Check out our The Thing quotes page for more.


The Sixth Sense: 1999 was a year that changed the language of film forever. The movie that did it? The Sixth Sense. Audiences were shocked and thrilled by M. Night Shyamalan's twist ending that has come to be a hallmark of thriller and horror movies ever since. Moviegoers entered the theater expecting to see a straight-forward horror film about a child who sees ghosts. What they got instead was one of the greatest endings in movie history. That, plus a fair share of scares, and ominous performances by Bruce Willis (Looper), and a young Haley Joel Osment, means that The Sixth Sense absolutely deserves to be in the conversation for best horror movie ever. Check out our The Sixth Sense quotes page for more.

Which horror movie is better?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

The Thing

The Sixth Sense

Total Votes: 242

Horror Bracket Part 3

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