Weekend Movie Preview: October 5, 2012

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It’s hard to believe it was only four years ago that Liam Neeson turned into an action hero with Taken. He’s back as the retired CIA agent who can’t seem to avoid trouble involving his family.

Taken 2 isn’t the only new flick hitting theaters this weekend. In fact, there is a plethora including Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, Jennifer Garner in Butter, and Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman trading barbs in The Paperboy. And you do not want to miss Pitch Perfect, which is finally opening in theaters nationwide after a preview run last week.

Taken 2: Neeson returns to the role that saw him kick butt like no other. He hasn’t lost a step in the four years since the last time we saw someone in his family get Taken. This time out, it’s him and his wife who get abducted. Maggie Grace’s Kim swings into action, but don’t get us wrong: Neeson still commands all the action scenes with panache and power. As we state in our Taken 2 review, Movie Fanatic wanted more from the film, but it is still a joy to witness the Irish actor extolling his brand of justice.

Frankenweenie: Burton returns to his roots and directs the stop-motion animated film that is a find for families and all audiences for that matter. The director first crafted his Frankenweenie story as a Disney staff member in the 1980s and to see him return to a story that he is clearly so passionate about, is such cinematic bliss. For more, check out our Frankenweenie review.

Pitch Perfect: It’s hard to remember a musical movie like Pitch Perfect that hits as many of the right notes as this film does. Anna Kendrick leads a cast of young men and women who are hopelessly devoted to a cappella. Several college groups battle for the title of best with Kendrick’s The Bellas leading the charge in talent and desire. As reported in our Pitch Perfect review, this is a film to see on the big screen to fully appreciate the joy that is the collective movie-going experience.

Butter: Garner sizzles as an Iowan who seeks to take the royal title of butter carving champion from her husband, who has been forced out. This loosely based farce that reminds us of the Iowa Caucus between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is one terrific treat. Our Butter review delves deeper into the buttery genius.

The Paperboy: This week’s swing and a miss goes to the Florida based, supposed to be a sizzler, The Paperboy. Kidman and McConaughey, along with a stellar Zac Efron (yes, I just wrote that) do what they can with a story from Lee Daniels that is nowhere near the slow boiling thriller it aims to be. As reported in our The Paperboy review, the film is “more funny than fierce.”

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