Wreck-It Ralph: Jack McBrayer & Jane Lynch Go Inside the Game

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Jane Lynch (Glee) and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) talk exclusively with Movie Fanatic about the joy of balancing successful TV careers and roles in the movies, such as their latest, Wreck-It Ralph. “It’s been a little bit of everything,” Lynch said. “I’ve been able to do it all.”

Lynch portrays the militaristic leader of a fighting force in the fictional game within the Wreck-It Ralph arcade universe called Hero’s Duty. McBrayer has the pleasure of voicing the title character from the game (Fix-It Felix, Jr.) that features our movie’s titular anti-hero (John C. Reilly) busting out. It is an act that sets our film in motion.

One of McBrayer’s biggest challenges was tackling the unique language that is the communication vehicle for one of the many superstar video game guest stars in Wreck-It Ralph… Q-Bert! “It was hard,” he said as both he and Lynch laughed.

Even though she leads the Tour of Duty-type game in the film, she admitted exclusively that her favorite of the games within Wreck-It Ralph is the one featuring her interview partner. “I love Fix-It Felix,” Lynch said. “I’m a little compulsive when it comes to cleanliness!” One can see why she would adore the game that involved the main character cleaning up the messes that Wreck-It Ralph creates.

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