Anna Karenina: Keira Knightley Talks Tolstoy, Favorite Movies

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Keira Knightley knows a thing or two about working with her Anna Karenina director Joe Wright. The duo famously joined creative forces on the fabulous Pride and Prejudice. Knightley tells us in our exclusive video interview that she and the helmer were surprised at the lack of shorthand when it came to making Anna Karenina along with Jude Law.

“We changed an awful lot and that’s what was so funny coming into this,” Knightley admitted. “We did expect that it would be easy. And it wasn’t, and that was wonderful. He keeps learning and I hope I do too.”

We also ask the superstar what films she can watch over and over again. Interestingly enough, before the camera started rolling, we mentioned that might be a question and she said Mean Girls! But, once the camera was on (and perhaps after some time to think), her answers moved towards the iconic and less guilty pleasure. “My films that I watch over and over are RedsNotorious is another,” Knightley said. Although this girl still knows how to have fun. “I also like The Philadelphia Story… can’t go wrong with the classics.”

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