Breaking Dawn Part 2: Kristen Stewart Talks Twilight Conclusion

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the final time that Kristen Stewart will inhabit the character of Bella Swan. Her feelings are mixed, she told Movie Fanatic. Since she debuted as Bella in 2008’s Twilight, the film has come to define the actress’ life of late. Stewart is not necessarily glad the experience is over, but is pleased with the conclusion for fans of Stephenie Meyer's book series.

Bella Breaking Dawn Part 2

“I am so happy that the story is told, you have no idea. Usually you have five weeks to five months to look at a schedule and go, ‘Whew, that [final] day is coming up. That day is coming up.’ We had five years! So the fact that this thing is out and it's not weighing on us anymore -- super excited about that,” Stewart said.

“I don't want it to sound like I am excited just to be done with the experience. To be honest, it's like such a particular tone. I feel like any time something is brought up about it, or you see someone from the cast, it's sad and it is strange… but it's normal.”

Stewart has On the Road coming up before the year’s end and is pumped at the prospect of people seeing her as something other than Bella. “Things shouldn't stay stagnant -- got to move on,” she added. “But again, I feel like Twilight is not going anywhere.” 

Throughout Breaking Dawn Part 2, Bella is a full vampire. Stewart certainly enjoyed finally playing Bella unleashed, but knows that her “normal” days all led to her moment glittering in the sun in the final Twilight cinematic chapter.

“I was really lucky to have played human Bella for so long. The best aspect of every vampire, all of the gifts, everything that makes them really special is always an enhanced version of what they were when they were human,” Stewart said.
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kristen Stewart Taylor Lautner

“I did get to play an incredibly well-rounded version of a vampire, because I got to take those steps for real. I think that if you were to take the fact that she becomes a vampire completely away, it is just a more realized version of who she has been the entire time.”

Maybe Stewart got a little too excited to play the vampirish Bella. “I broke my thumb maybe like the first or second day,” she said and laughed. “It happened during our really intense action stuff, so that was really frustrating, you know… and it was fun! I was like bursting to do it, which is why I think I probably broke my thumb. I was a little bit zealous!”

When a series, TV or film for that matter, comes to a close, the creative team has been known to take something that has sentimental value from the set. “I kept the rings. The rings are really important to me” Stewart said.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was the one who cast Stewart and her affinity for her is well documented and is evidenced by a certain ring in Bella’s collection. “In Twilight, Bella’s mother gives her a mood ring in the beginning. It fully and completely reminds me of Catherine Hardwicke every time I look at it.”

It’s been pretty insane these last few years for Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner especially. Stewart admitted that she could not have made it through Hurricane Twilight without each one of those guys. “It's nice not to be alone in that,” Stewart said.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn Part 2

She never would have agreed to be part of something as enormous of a pop culture explosion as Twilight without those two other characters. It is not just about Bella, but has also always been about Edward and Jacob. “I wouldn't have done it in the first place if it wasn't something I was always going to carry, and I think Rob and Taylor feel the same way. They tell me they do.”

If there’s a question that Stewart cannot answer right now, it's: What is next? Yes, there’s On the Road, but she has no design on a career path. She wants to simply take it a project at a time. “Things have fallen in my lap and I've gotten incredibly, insanely lucky to get the right feelings and meet people that share them and if I can keep doing that, I would be a happy girl,” Stewart said.

“I want to explore things that are more apparent to me. And now I am getting to the point where I want to dig a little deeper. Yeah, you can shock yourself a little bit with this and that's what I would like to do.”

Lastly, would she ever be open to joining another franchise? Stewart knows what that entails and from the sounds of it, her movie series days are over. “My guess is probably not. But not because of this -- I think it's just really rare to find something that lends itself to that,” Stewart added. “But… never say never.”

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