Marion Cotillard Shares Oscar Buzz & Rust and Bone

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The Dark Knight Rises scene stealer, Marion Cotillard, has done the Oscar buzz dance before when she won in 2008 for La Vie en Rose. Cotillard is back in the Academy Awards buzz bin this year with her searing turn in Rust and Bone. The film is a stunner and to be honest, Cotillard is a shoe-in for a Best Actress nomination. She met Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview recently and talked about how one in the middle of an Oscar firestorm of expectations manages to keep their head about them.

“The awards... you have to enjoy when it’s there. It’s not something that I expect and it doesn’t take me any effort to expect it because it’s not who I am. And it’s easier that way. When it happens though, I’m super happy,” Cotillard admitted. For La Vie en Rose, and Rust and Bone, Oscar buzz brings attention to her film, and for that, she is most grateful.

“I’m really truly happy to share this movie outside of France. I’m proud of the French cinema. That’s what I’m enjoying about it.”

Cotillard, also seen in Christopher Nolan's Inception, also takes us inside the making of the highly emotionally charged movie that follows her character, a Sea World-like whale trainer who after an accident, has to look at her life through a new set of expectation lenses. She meets Matthias Schoenaerts’ Alain van Versch as they find each other and work through their deeply pained emotional landmines.

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