Red Dawn: Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki on Updating Classic

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John Peck and Adrianne Palicki know the resonance the first Red Dawn had on audiences. When the duo met Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview, that fact became abundantly clear. “Immediately when Red Dawn was introduced into my life, I’d bring it up with friends who are in their early thirties and I realized, you were talking about something sacred,” Peck said. He then imitated his friends' reaction. “Watch your mouth, bro!”

Palicki and Peck laugh at the sentiment, but upon first watching it over three years ago, the actress knew immediately why people adore the classic Cold War film. “I remember thinking, ‘We have a lot to live up to,’” Palicki said. As shown in our exclusive Red Dawn trailer, they have certainly tried.

As seen in the G.I. Joe: Retribution trailer, Palicki is knee deep in the action movies of late. But, it sounds as if she would treasure a little less punching and a little more kissing with her future work. “I wouldn’t mind a rom-com,” she said. “You know, not get hurt onset!”

“I want a movie where the big scene of the day is a walk and talk,” Peck added as they both laughed. “Not, ‘We’re going to drop you from ten stories, watch your head.'"

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