Star Wars Disney Merger Money Going to Charity: Lucas Will Donate Most of the $4 Billion

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The internet was abuzz yesterday with the news that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, with the intention of releasing Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015. Today, a representative from Lucasfilm told The Hollywood Reporter that George Lucas plans to donate the majority of the $4.05 billion transferred in the merger to charity.

With questions about the significance of the Disney/Lucasfilm merger abound, Lucas' decision to use such a high-profile, culturally significant business deal as a way to advance his philanthropic endeavors is a welcome change for the usual cash-obsessed mentality of Hollywood.

The only question left is: How will the next Star Wars trilogy be? Let us know what you think of all the Star Wars-related events of the last few days in the comments section below! Are you excited? Apprehensive? Or do you not care at all?

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