Star Wars Episode VII Director Matthew Vaughn? Jason Flemyng Seems to Think So!

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Why Hollywood studios try to keep secrets is beyond me. It's gonna leak, guys. It's gonna leak.

It's hard to know for sure if that's what happened here, but it sure as heck looks like it. In an interview with Hey U Guys at the UK Seven Psychopaths premiere, actor Jason Flemyng may have let slip that Matthew Vaughn, with whom he's worked 9 times, is directing Star Wars Episode VII.

Flemyng has a total "what did I just do?" look on his face right around 1:33, after he is asked if he thinks Vaughn is interested in the job, and he reacts as if everyone already knew that Vaughn was attached. Take a look:

It looks like solid evidence to us, but then again, it could just be a case of an actor being weird. It's hard to trust these kinds of incidents. Let us know what you think in the comments section, then watch George Lucas discuss Star Wars Episode VII with Disney!

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