Top 10 Twilight Scenes: Best of Bella, Edward & Jacob

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Oh, the horror! The Twilight Saga is coming to an end. Tens of millions of Twi-hards, as they are now called, will say goodbye to the franchise in literary and now cinematic form when Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres. In honor of the series that defines the word “blockbuster,” Movie Fanatic looks over the last four years of Edward and Bella’s love story to come up with the top ten moments in Twilight history.

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10. The Tent scene in Eclipse
All you have to say in Twilight circles is the tent scene and fans will know what is meant. It is a priceless moment of male brooding as Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) watch over Bella (Kristen Stewart) as she sleeps. Score this scene for Team Jacob as his warm, hot body can keep Bella warm on that wintery night.

9. Vampire baseball in Twilight
Whether it’s the killer Muse song (that interestingly enough inspired author Stephenie Meyer while she wrote Twilight) or the feats of athleticism turned in by our Cullen vampires, watching them play the national pastime in Twilight is a true treasure.

8. Jacob’s first turn as a wolf in New Moon
It had all built up to that moment in New Moon when the seriously bulked-up Lautner lost his shirt and became a wolf, right before our eyes. The key to the rest of the Twilight Saga story was in many ways born at that moment as our three key players would now be well on their way to their destiny.
New Moon still 3

7. Edward stops a truck in Twilight
They had flirted and exchanged glances, but it wasn’t until Edward saved Bella in the parking lot of their high school from a careening out-of-control truck that our heroine knew there really was something different about her new crush.

6. Charlie gives Bella the sex talk in Eclipse
Much as the tent scene also achieved in Eclipse, when Bella’s dad gives her the birds and the bees talk in that same movie, the franchise showed its ability to not take itself too seriously and interject some laughs.

5. Edward meets Bella for the first time in Twilight
We like to group the Edward meeting Bella moment into two parts and they are both monumental in the Twilight series. When Edward first walks into the cafeteria and Bella gives him a “Who’s that?!” look… it’s utterly priceless. Then, watching Mr. Suave vampire have trouble controlling himself in science class when they “officially” meet is nothing short of brilliant.

4. The birth of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 1
Horrifying, yet you couldn’t look away, could you? When Renesmee makes her debut in the Twilight Saga world at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1, everyone except those on screen know that it is truly the beginning of the end. It is a monumental moment in the world of Bella and the Cullen clan as the ever present Volturi will surely not let this union last.

3. Tie: Edward & Bella’s wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1 & Edward proposal in Eclipse
The wedding scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 was, for fans, one of the most romantic on film. The moment they had been waiting for, the union of vampire and the girl who loves him, was now official. Just behind that in the swooning department is when Edward actually proposed to Bella in Eclipse. Cue the ahhhs.

2. Bella turns into a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 2
In the opening moments of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Bella awakes from giving birth to Renesmee, having died and come back to life as a vampire. She is now “the same temperature” as Edward, as he points out. More importantly, she can race through the woods and tackle mountain lions for dinner!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Banner

1. The final battle in Breaking Dawn Part 2
Even for non-fans of the Twilight Saga, the ending of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is epic. It will be debated for decades to come and fans will be split on it, but one thing is for sure: The franchise conclusion lives up to not only the hype, but the hope of the generations who adore Meyer’s world.

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Isabella Swan: So what your saying is, I'm your brand of heroin?
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Bella Swan: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist.
Edward Cullen: It does in my world.

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