Weekend Movie Preview: November 9, 2012

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As one of the world’s biggest Bond fans, it’s hard to admit that this weekend at the movies is about anything else but Skyfall. But, it is about much more... a certain epic biopic from Steven Spielberg. The other huge new film to land in theaters this second weekend of November is the astounding Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis was born to portray our greatest president and since Daniel Craig was also born to be Bond, this is a weekend full of movies that are destiny fulfilled.

Skyfall: Bond is back and better than ever, as we state in our Skyfall review. Craig completely comes into his own as 007 and his global journey takes us to places that director Sam Mendes has crafted out of what has to be heaven. It is thrilling, enlightening, entertaining and above all else… the Best Bond film of all-time.

Lincoln: Only opening in a few markets before going large next weekend, Spielberg’s Lincoln lands and Day Lewis is in Oscar form as the sixteenth president who united a divided nation. The supporting cast is each equally as compelling as the next, led by Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, James Spader, John Hawkes, Gloria Reuben and Joseph Gordon Levitt. As our Lincoln review teases… Spielberg’s latest has Oscar written all over it from top to bottom.

In Limited Release…
Nature Calls: The comedy that features some of the best up-and-coming superstars-to-be in movie hilarity lands on just a few screens across the land. From Rob Riggle, Johnny Knoxville and Patton Oswalt… the funny is sure to be found in the story of Oswalt’s scout troop leader and a disastrous camping trip. Nature Calls did not screen for critics, stay with Movie Fanatic for our upcoming review.

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Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln: Abolishing slavery by constitutional provisions settles the fate for all coming time. Not only of the millions now in bondage, but of unborn millions to come. Two votes stand in its way. These votes must be procured.
William Seward: We need two yeses. Three abstentions. Four yeses and one more abstention and the amendment will pass.
Abraham Lincoln: You've got a night and a day and a night; several perfectly good hours! Now get the hell out of here and get them!
James Ashley: Yes. But how?
Abraham Lincoln: Buzzard's guts, man! I am the President of the United States of America! Clothed in immense power! You will procure me these votes.

[Lincoln quoting Falstaff from Shakespeare's "King Henry the Fourth"] We have heard the chimes at midnight, Master Shallow.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Review

The first thing audiences need to know about the latest Steven Spielberg film is that Lincoln is more legislative drama than Great...

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