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With Promised Land, Matt Damon is returning to writing and starring in a movie for only the second time since Good Will Hunting, He partnered with The Office star John Krasinski to write the film that he was actually scheduled to direct. Damon was too busy to helm, so the always stellar Gus Van Sant stepped in to direct the story of the natural gas boom in this country and how harmful or not harmful fracking is to our ecosystem. Check out the Promised Land trailer to delve deeper into his latest drama!

Matt Damon Promised Land

Damon first truly charmed us penning those Good Will Hunting quotes and by putting on an acting clinic opposite his co-writer Ben Affleck. Since then, he has built a career that includes both comedies (Stuck on You, Dogma), dramas (The Departed) and action franchises (the Bourne series and the Ocean's franchise).

What's the best Matt Damon movie?

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Matt Damon is one of our favorite actors. He's the star of Good Will Hunting, all the Jason Bourne movies and so many more films, of course. The star is also easy to admire because he stays out of the tabloids and seems like a great family man.

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