Hyde Park on the Hudson: Laura Linney on Bill Murray Magic

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Laura Linney plays Daisy, a real life person, in Hyde Park on the Hudson. Few outside of Franklin Roosevelt history buffs even know about her, yet the character was integral to the man's greatness. That famous dog FDR always posed with, Fala, was at the time the most known canine in the world. The animal was given to him by Daisy. "That famous dog was a gift from her to him," Linney said in our exclusive video interview. "A lot of people don't know that. It changes a lot!"

We caught up with the three-time Oscar nominee in Toronto for the premiere of Hyde Park on the Hudson, where the actress who shares an alma mater with this writer, let us in on the brilliance of her co-star, Bill Murray. "Number one, the greatness of him is taking this on. For anyone to play FDR is a huge challenge and I would be shaking in my boots," Linney said. Her greatest moment she tells us is in the Hyde Park on the Hudson trailer.

"My fondest memories of us is riding around in that car, it was great fun."

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