Movie Fanatic's Top 100 Films of All Time: 80-71

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With #100-91 and #90-81 in the bag, we continue our countdown of the Top 100 Films of All Time this week, bringing you #80-71. One director in particular snuck two films into this week's list, which presents a good mix of old and new, comedy and drama.

Take a look at this week's list, and check back with us every Monday until we reach #1!

Top 100 Films of All Time

80. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The winner of the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Comedy Bracket, Monty Python and the Holy Grail took the comedy world by storm when it premiered in 1975. The Python guys showed that nothing is off limits, from religion to royalty and even the never-before-messed with legend that is their homeland’s Camelot. Check out our Holy Grail quotes page for more.

79. Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg's WWII masterpiece has gone down in history as one of the best war films of all time. A company of soldiers search for a lost paratrooper, and the sole survivor of four army brothers, in this very intimate, realistic, and beautifully-shot film. Read through some Saving Private Ryan quotes for more.

Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan

78. Toy Story
Each of the Toy Story movies, it could be argued, improved on its predecessor. But, there is nothing like the first Pixar movie that introduced us to the world of Tom Hanks’ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear. It is an important film because it introduced the world to the brilliance of Pixar and showed that an animated movie could possess themes that were previously minimized by its predecessors and proved animated movies were not solely for children anymore. Check out some Toy Story quotes.

77. Double Indemnity
Billy Wilder's seminal Film Noir set the standard for all Noir films to follow. Fred MacMurray stars as an insurance salesman who gets caught up in a plot to help kill the husband of an alluring woman played by Hollywood starlet Barbara Stanwyck. Double Indemnity was nominated for seven Academy Awards (though it didn't win a single one). Head to our Double Indemnity quotes page to explore the classic dialogue.

76.  Seven
There may have been Seven sins at the heart of David Fincher’s early directorial work, but Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman managed to create two cops that are as human as movie policeman can be. That is why it is so horrifying to audiences how their serial killer manhunt turns personal. Fincher surely got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo directing gig cause of his work on Seven. Each film plays as bookends to the visionary’s career. No matter how great Dragon Tattoo is, there is no film that will rock your world as Seven does. Read these Seven quotes to find out why.

75. The Dark Knight
Chris Nolan forever changed the comic book genre with his second Batman film. Injecting a brooding, gritty realism into what was previously considered to be primarily a children's genre, Nolan opened his world to a gigantic worldwide audience. Heather Ledger turned in the performance of his (tragically much too short) life, receiving a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the role of the Joker. The Dark Knight is undeniably one of the best superhero films ever made, and has a well-deserved place on this list. Check out our The Dark Knight quotes page for more.

A Slow Clap

74. It’s a Wonderful Life
There are Christmas movies, and there is It’s a Wonderful Life. The film that is played on TVs across the world every year on December 25 is actually much more than a holiday hooray. Frank Capra’s film stands the test of time by playing to our core emotions of taking care of family, the need for community and how the little man can still triumph in a world populated by big shark bankers that still command our economy. Read some It's A Wonderful Life quotes for more.

73. Raiders of the Lost Ark
The film that solidified the stardom of Steven Spielberg (also his second film in this group of ten, and his third on the list so far), the first installment of the Indiana Jones series wowed audiences in 1981, going down in history as one of the best action flicks ever. Harrison Ford stars as archaeologist Indiana Jones, hired by the U.S. government to seek the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis can find it. Head to our Raiders of the Lost Ark quotes page.

72. Scarface (1983)
Are you kidding me? With Oliver Stone writing the script, Brian De Palma at the top of his game directing and Al Pacino giving audiences an anti-hero that would become a pop culture icon, Scarface stacked the deck when it comes to movie awesomeness. Say hello to my little friend, indeed.

71. Do The Right Thing
Spike Lee directs and stars in this racially-charged dramedy about the Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn neighborhood reaching a boiling point on the hottest day of summer. While Do the Right Thing wasn't Lee's first film, it's the one that introduced audiences to his intensely personal style of filmmaking. Lee showed American moviegoers a New York they'd never really seen before in films from Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, and the like, making Do the Right Thing one of the most culturally important films of the last 30 years. Check out our Do the Right Thing quotes page for more.

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