The Impossible Exclusive: Tom Holland Comes of Age

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The Impossible required young UK actor Tom Holland to grow up quickly on the set. He portrays the oldest son to Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor who finds he is fighting for his life after the 2004 Thailand tsunami touches ground and devastates an entire region.

“The amount of lives lost in this horrible event was extraordinary. We needed to do everything we could to make this story and this film as realistic as possible,” Holland said. Judging by The Impossible trailer alone, the cast and crew should be proud.

His co-star had nothing but praise for Holland. “We will be seeing a lot of him in the future,” one of the stars told us in our exclusive video Naomi Watts interview.

The young star stated that he learned so much from Watts, it was a priceless education in movie star acting. “There’s so many things, you can’t even account for them all,” Holland said. “The most important one is that everyone is a team member on a film.”

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