Top 10 Movie Moments of the Year: Revealed!

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As Movie Fanatic gets ready to welcome 2013, we look back at 2012 and reveal the top 10 moments, movies and people that were pure Hollywood gifts these last 12 months.

10. Satisfying End to Dark Knight Trilogy
Closing out a trilogy is no easy task. Yet, Christopher Nolan did so brilliantly with his Dark Knight series that left fans and audiences as a whole pleased. He and brother Jonathan wrote a script that gave us thrilling The Dark Knight Rises quotes, and also wrapped up their series with a bow as bright as any tied to a present under that Christmas tree.

Christian Bale is Batman in Dark Knight Rises

9. Superman That Looks Good
The first Man of Steel trailer answered any and all questions as to how Zack Snyder would bring to life and reboot the Superman franchise. Summer 2013 cannot get here fast enough!

8. The Emergence of Rebel Wilson
The Australian comic actress shot out of nowhere and stole the movie Pitch Perfect in the process. Her larger-than-life persona, coupled with vats of talent, add up to someone who we will be seeing a lot from in the future. MTV must think so -- they just tapped her to host the MTV Movie Awards.

7. Anne Hathaway
Whether in Les Miserables or as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, it was a good year for Anne Hathaway. As we state in our Les Miserables review, the actress deserves an Oscar for her role. And after a false start in the Catwoman world by Halle Berry, Hathaway could not have been more impeccably cast in Nolan's final Batman movie.

6. Matthew McConaughey
Someone who had an even better year than Hathaway was McConaughey. The actor from Texas scored by stretching his comfort level with dramatic turns in Bernie, The Paperboy and Killer Joe (where we named him one of the Top 10 Movie Villains of 2012). Then, he took it all off in Magic Mike and both women and men cheered.

Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey Magic Mike

5. Channing Tatum
Sure, those previous two performers had great years. Then, there is Tatum and the year he had. The man started his 2012 by kicking butt and having his butt kicked in Haywire. Then he was a Valentine's Day gift for legions of fans for his heartbreaking turn in The Vow. He followed that up by showing his comic chops and proved to be up for being part of a comic dream team with Jonah Hill.

The summer found Tatum joining forces with McConaughey in Magic Mike, a film that reunited him with Haywire director Steven Soderbergh. The Tatum-centric Magic Mike stills remain to this day of our most popular! The man wasn't all blockbusters in 2012 as his quiet turn in 10 Years allowed him to stretch his talents and also star opposite his real life wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum.

4. Lincoln
Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is one part ode to the greatest president in U.S. history and another part lesson in how the 13th Amendment came to be. Daniel Day Lewis was a godsend as the titular leader and it is the most un-Spielberg-like movie in decades. The work is the rare historical epic that can be seen again and again and again. Want the best of teases? Check out this Lincoln trailer and try not to be moved!

3. Josh Trank Scores with Chronicle
The new to the scene director took the found footage subgenre and turned it on its head with a superhero origins story that is the most original seen in decades. He announced himself as a filmmaking talent and firmly landed on the list of directors whose work we will see, regardless of the film. As reported in our Chronicle review, this man knows how to wield a camera to maximum effect. Big time producers must agree, as he has just been hired to helm The Fantastic Four reboot.

2. The Avengers
Talk about a challenge. Take some of the most popular heroes in the Marvel superhero universe and bring them to the big screen in a movie that gave each their due. Only director Joss Whedon could have succeeded at such a feat. It's almost super-human what he achieved. We're still marveling at those impressive The Avengers wallpaper, seven months after the film arrived!

Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street

1. Johnny Depp’s Cameo in 21 Jump Street movie
When they sought to bring 21 Jump Street to the big screen, many asked whether they would get the man to appear in it who was made a star by the original TV series. Prayers were answered as when Depp had his big reveal at the end of the film, it was the most glorious of gifts to fans of 21 Jump Street and movie fanatics of all kind. Our 21 Jump Street quotes will keep you going until we get that sequel!

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