Top 13 Movie Moments of 2013: The Year on the Big Screen!

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Goodbye 2012! We hardly knew ya. As the calendar switches from 2012 to 2013, Movie Fanatic recently looked back at the Top 10 Movies of 2012, and now we look forward. 2013 will feature the highly anticipated return of Superman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. It also gives us the world of Tony Stark, version 3.0, as Iron Man 3 seeks to capitalize on the success of The Avengers -- which ruled the 2012 box office.

There is so much to get excited about for the cinematic year that will be beginning in the coming days. Where to start? Well, in honor of the 13 that anchors our new year's moniker, we bump up our usual Top 10 in favor of the Movie Fanatic Top 13 Movie Moments of 2013.

13. Pain and Gain
You know what recent teaser truly captured our attention? It was of the utmost of surprises: The Pain and Gain trailer. The Michael Bay film looks to provide its action with a side dish of Mark Wahlberg's impeccable comic timing.

Pain and Gain Poster

12. This Is the End
It is a modern day comic dream team that assembled to make the end of the world comedy This Is the End. Pineapple Express quotes wielders Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride reunite in an end of days cinematic comedy that throws caution into a disastrous wind storm of apocalyptic humor. From these guys, that will be a very good thing.

11. Thor 2: The Dark World
Chris Hemsworth and his alter ego Thor pick up where The Avengers left off with Thor 2. Where we go from there specifically, is as secretive as sequels come. Whether Loki is involved, has not even been hinted at. Movie Fanatic just knows that it is filming and judging by its first foray, this Thor franchise is one we plan on following for years to come.

10. The Wolverine
You-Know-Who is back sporting blades out of his hands once again in a Wolverine story that has compelled fans and even wider audiences since it was announced. When we saw The Wolverine first photo of Hugh Jackman, the X-Men character most likely to succeed suddenly seemed like someone we desperately wanted to check in with once again.

9. Pacific Rim
Guillermo del Toro directing again! After passing on The Hobbit franchise, Del Toro put his focus on producing movies like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and the upcoming Mama. With Pacific Rim, the auteur has clearly crafted a world beyond our own that is bewildering us in the best of ways. Look at the Pacific Rim trailer and admit you're not intrigued beyond belief.

Pacific Rim Comic-Con Poster

8. Kick Ass 2
We cannot believe that a sequel to Kick Ass was given a green light! If there's a movie that deserves it, it is Matthew Vaughn's opus to the superhero genre. Both stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Aaron Johnson are back and they are joined by Jim Carrey (check out this Kick-Ass 2 set video of Jim Carrey!). We could not be more thrilled that Kick Ass 2 is becoming a franchise.

7. The Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese reunite for The Wolf of Wall Street and you know their collaborations always lead to fireworks. Remember The Departed and its Best Picture and Director honors? Mark Movie Fanatic's word that this film will be front and center when we're talking about the 2014 Oscars -- especially given the ever-timely recent history of the storied institution that is Wall Street and its role in our collective financial woes.

6. Anchorman: The Legend Continues
It may have taken a long time, but like good scotch, the return of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy will be worth the years. This is something that has been waited on by so many for so long, that the mere tease of an Anchorman 2 trailer caused a collective swoon among fans.

Anchorman 2 Teaser Poster

5. The Lone Ranger
Johnny Depp as Tonto? That's where you had us! Then, we saw the first The Lone Ranger photos and even Armie Hammer was the embodiment of what is thought of when the phrase the Lone Ranger is mentioned.

4. Star Trek Into Darkness
As if we need a reason to put this puppy on this list! First, the mere idea that J.J. Abrams was back working on it got us too excited for words. Then, we saw our first images. Oh, boy. Then, Paramount caused a Star Trek universe collective earthquake that resulted from a simple, yet effective Star Trek Into Darkness teaser.

3. Elysium
The guy behind District 9 pairs with Matt Damon for a version of the future that is not too far off from our own. As the film's stars, Jodie Foster and Matt Damon, told us in our Comic-Con Elysium interview, this movie will be unlike anything you've ever seen.

2. Iron Man 3
Tony Stark is back in business. Judging by the first full Iron Man 3 trailer, this is more Iron Man than Iron Man 2. And Ben Kingsley as Mandarin... nicely done.

1. Man of Steel
Surprised? Hardly! The return of Superman has to be the movie event of 2013. After Brandon Routh did a solid job in Superman Returns in 2006, yet it was perceived as a swing and a miss, fans of the Kryptonite-hating superhero have been waiting for his next chapter. Heck, even an origins story would be welcome just to get the Man of Steel back on the big screen. Want to get your heart racing? Check out this best of the 2013 early looks we've seen in this Man of Steel movie trailer.

Man of Steel Poster

Aptly called Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed first chapter in what Warner Bros. hopes is their next big franchise arrives summer 2013 and we'll be racing you to the front of the line!

Honorable mentions: After Earth, The World's End, Oblivion, Gravity, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Robocop, Oz the Great and Powerful, Fast and Furious 6, The Hangover 3, World War Z, A Good Day to Die Hard, Monsters University, Ender's Game, RIPD, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and of course... The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug!

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